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Josh Archambault

Senior Fellow

Blake Brickman


Michael Brickman

Education Policy Director & Senior Fellow

Erinn Broadus

Policy Analyst

Stefani Buhajla

Director of Communications

Jakob Dupuis

Public Safety Policy Analyst

Judge Glock

Senior Advisor

Stacey Guber

Visiting Fellow

Nick James

Fellow and State Advocacy Manager

Christopher Jones

Senior Fellow and Vice President for Healthcare Policy

Devon Kurtz

Public Safety Policy Director

Brina Kuslak

Research Assistant

Michael Lucci

Senior Fellow

Adam Meier

Senior Fellow and Legal Counsel

Jared Meyer

Senior Advisor

Matthew Nolan

Policy Manager

Ally Perkins

Research Assistant

Bryan Sunderland

Director of Advocacy

Zoe Taylor

State Advocacy Manager

Ana Torralba

Executive Assistant

Ryan Vassar

General Counsel

Jonathan Wolfson

Chief Legal Officer and Policy Director