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Tanner Aliff

Health Care Policy Manager

Tanner Aliff is the Healthcare Policy Program Manager at the Cicero Institute. The bulk of his research efforts are spent on developing reforms addressing price transparency, restructuring incentives for hospital community benefit requirements, optimizing state employee health plans, expanding telehealth access, and improving the utility of electronic health records. Before joining Cicero, he worked as a Research Fellow for the Office of Congressman Mark Green and a Constant Observer at Providence Health. Tanner has also assisted in the research endeavors of both the Heritage Foundation’s Domestic Policy Studies and the Charles Koch Institute. Before switching to health policy, he presented research on incongruent stimuli at the Western Psychology Association Spring (WPA) Summit and received the WPA International Undergrad Studies Award for his research on cognitive interference with Nepali nationals. Tanner's psychological research on cognitive interference, incongruent stimuli, attention, daydreaming, and memory has been featured by the Western Psychology Association and Psychonomic Society. Upon graduating, Tanner was accepted into the prestigious John Jay Institute where he received a robust education in classical liberalism and political theory and became a member of the American Enterprise Institute's Leadership Network (inaugural Millennial Cohort). Tanner has testified before the Arizona House Health and Human Services Committee and the Texas House Health Care Reform Select Committee. His commentary on healthcare and popular culture has been featured in Forbes, City Journal, National Review, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Daily Signal, Register-Guard, Carolina Journal, America's Future, and Bend Bulletin. Tanner received a BS in cognitive neuroscience and a BA in political science from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.

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