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Cicero Institute Applauds Grants Pass SCOTUS Decision

Austin, TX—Earlier this year, The Cicero Institute filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in City of Grants Pass, Oregon v. Johnson (2024). Today, we applaud the Court’s decision, which overturns the 9th Circuit’s ruling that prohibited municipalities from enforcing public camping prohibitions. This decision sets a precedent for local autonomy in addressing the homelessness crisis at the community level.

The Supreme Court’s majority opinion upholds a municipality’s right to implement compassionate and effective measures to address the challenges associated with homelessness by prohibiting dangerous encampments. It recognizes the importance of local governance in managing public spaces and ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

The Cicero Institute’s Director of Public Safety Policy, Devon Kurtz, anticipates great effect from the ruling, saying that “The Western U.S. has suffered under misguided homelessness policies for more than half a decade. This ruling offers those communities a chance to better help people living on the street and reinvigorate their once-prosperous downtowns.”

“This historic ruling ensures that elected leaders have the ability to take action to improve community safety and protect property owners—action supported by a bipartisan majority of voters across the nation,” said the Cicero Insitute’s Director of Communications Stefani Buhajla. 

Key Highlights of the Decision:

  • Affirms Local Autonomy: The ruling reaffirms local governments’ authority to create and enforce policies that address their communities’ unique needs.
  • Supports Public Safety: By upholding Grants Pass’s ordinances, the Supreme Court acknowledges the city’s efforts to maintain safe and healthy public spaces.
  • Promotes Compassionate Solutions: The decision highlights the city’s commitment to balancing the rights and needs of all residents, including those experiencing homelessness, through compassionate and effective solutions.

The Cicero Institute is dedicated to solving America’s growing homelessness problem. We offer the strongest reform package to state leaders who want to fix bad incentives, hold service agencies accountable for results, and get homeless people the help they need instead of doubling down on failure. This Supreme Court decision is an important step in helping communities across the nation achieve those goals.

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