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Shehryar Jafry

2022 Alumni

Shehryar Jafry was a rising sophomore at The University of Chicago during his summer fellowship with Cicero, majoring in economics and minoring in molecular engineering. He is part of a number of finance and business organizations including GothamChi, a venture capital club, and the University of Chicago Impact Investing Group. He currently serves on the executive board of GothamChi and co-leads the Renewable Energy Group, helping to manage club operations and conducting research on the energy industry. As a fellow at Cicero, he researched entrepreneurial policy solutions in homelessness, healthcare, education, and regulation. Shehryar was born and raised in Houston, TX, where he attended St. John's School. He has a strong interest in energy, finance, policy, and sports (NFL, NBA, F1). During his summer fellowship, Shehryar published an op-ed in America's Future Forum.

Authored Commentary