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Want To Expand Your Talent Pool? Consider Dropping “Degree Required”

Robert learned his most valuable lesson for his work life from his father.

“Be the first to show up, the last to leave, and get your job done.”

That’s what Robert’s father told him growing up. Watching his father’s example inspired him on his journey from a sales associate to a manager and now a merchandiser, analyzing numbers and predicting trends so he can send stores the correct inventory.

Over 10 years with the same company, Robert has built a foundation of skills, experience, and work ethic to build his successful career. Yet, he sometimes worries about his job security because he doesn’t have a college degree. New leadership at the company could determine he doesn’t have the training or education necessary for employment.

Robert’s story isn’t an isolated experience — more than 70 million talented and driven workers are excluded from the labor market because employers have unnecessary degree requirements for their job openings. This artificial barrier prevents employers and job seekers from reaching their full potential.

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