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The Left Is Painting Murals of Misinformation on Homelessness

There is no denying that homelessness is a complex issue. There are compounding factors that can lead to a person finding themselves on the streets – making it difficult for them to get back on their feet.

Because of this complexity, there is no single solution for homelessness. Still, there are many ways our communities can help improve the lives of people on the street – and Cicero Institute advocates for those innovative solutions. Unfortunately, innovative solutions are often seen as a threat to those dedicated to protecting the status quo. In this case, that includes many working in the homelessness industry seeking to guard their turf.

Donald Whitehead is considered a leading expert on homelessness, so it was disappointing to see him use a national platform like Dr. Phil’s podcast to share some outright misinformation on Cicero-backed solutions in Missouri. He stated that Missouri had outlawed permanent supportive housing, which is simply not true – and never mind that the law he is presumably (falsely) referencing was struck down on a technicality. Mr. Whitehead went on to characterize a section of the bill prohibiting unmonitored street camping as wanting to put people “on an island” while ignoring the reality that unauthorized camps are dangerous for the women and children living in them and lack hygiene facilities. Missourians know it isn’t compassionate to leave these people in vulnerable situations while the establishmentarians try to figure out how to build everyone a free house.

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