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State Regulatory Processes Are Ripe for Reform

Want to open a bacon-processing plant in California? Better buy a fax machine. That’s right: A California regulation from 2005 still requires swine slaughterhouses to provide a working fax number for their annual registration with the state. Texas requires them too: A 2001 regulation mandates that horse racing managers communicate strictly via fax or face gambling violations. And since 2003, North Carolina has required financial advisers to have a fax on hand to communicate with state regulators.

It’s no secret that state regulations play a major role in our everyday lives — dictating what we can eat, creating paperwork and record-keeping hurdles, and often increasing the cost of living. It’s not just about what the rules require: State laws dictate how to create, update, and when necessary, challenge regulations. Good process can make it easier for citizens to participate when state bureaucrats make and enforce new rules.

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