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Probation Success Incentives Achieve Better Outcomes

Thousands of Arizonans fail to complete probation each year.
But, a new program is showing promise in helping improve probation outcomes and is worth renewed support from the legislature.

In 2021, Arizona created the Probation Success Incentive Payments and Grants program to reward county probation departments for improving the outcomes of individuals on probation.

As a result of the improvements made under the incentives program, counties received $669,201 in total incentive funding that they have been able to invest into…

The Arizona model shows probationer outcomes can be substantially improved under incentives modeling. Following implementation, successful exits from probation increased from 66 percent to 81 percent across the state.

And six counties improved at least 50 percent between 2018 and 2022.

Arizona’s Probation Success Incentives improve public safety and improve morale for both officers and offenders. This program merits renewed support from the legislature.

Arizona’s 2022 Probation Success Incentive Report