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Poll shows the Sooner State wants tough-on-crime policies

In a new poll from the Cicero Institute, a strong majority of voters across the political spectrum support tough-on-crime policies to combat assault, theft, and drug trafficking.

Following a broader trend to restore law and order in the states, more than 8 out of 10 Oklahoma voters want to restore penalties for burglary and drug-related crimes that were removed by a 2016 provision aimed at reducing incarceration rates.

More than 7 out of 10 recognize that working as a cashier is a relatively unsafe job and support increasing fines and jail time for assaulting a cashier—this is especially true when that cashier happens to be a teenager.

Findings show bipartisan agreement (70%) that drug trafficking is increasing in the state, and nearly 90% say it should be a felony for a drug dealer to possess drugs laced with fentanyl—an opioid that has become the leading cause of overdose death nationwide.

Lawmakers in the Sooner State are in a unique position to enact meaningful reforms to bring security and safety that are supported by a wide margin of voters from all political stripes.