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Arizonans Seek Action on Homelessness and Drug Crime

Homelessness is a concern that crosses party lines in Arizona, with majority agreement among Republican, Democrat, and Independent respondents.


Most Arizonans of all political affiliations see homelessness as a problem that is on the rise.


A majority of likely Arizona voters say homeless camping on streets and other public places poses a threat to public safety.


Nearly all Arizonans want to move those living on the streets into safer, designated camping areas with water and sanitation.

More than two-thirds say that law enforcement agencies need more manpower and financial resources to handle crime in the state.

That includes a majority of voters from every political affiliation.

67 percent

Arizona’s voters express clear concern about drug crimes and want to see solutions.


A majority of likely Arizona voters see drug trafficking increasing in the state.


Nearly two-thirds of likely Arizona voters want more to be done to combat the fentanyl and opioid crisis.

Voters in the Grand Canyon State love where they live and are looking to their elected leaders to introduce solutions that meaningfully improve public safety and address drug abuse and homelessness.

Arizonans are desperate for effective leadership to combat addiction and homelessness.

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