Whitney Munro

Chief Operating Officer

Whitney Munro is the Chief Operating Officer at the Cicero Institute. She previously served as the chief operational executive for a network of non-profit organizations where she focused on infrastructure and process development, day-to-day operations, compliance, strategy, communications, and other critical issues.

Prior to that, Whitney served as the Vice President of Communications for the Foundation for Government Accountability and the Bill of Rights Institute, where she led comprehensive strategy, marketing, digital, brand, media, and communications efforts. From 2012-2014, she was the Director of Grassroots for Freedom Works, where she championed legislative and electoral reform efforts across the country, often managing more than a dozen campaigns at once.

Her expertise spans political campaigns, crisis and corporate communications, strategic planning, public affairs, public policy, talent development, media relations, operations, and non-profit leadership. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations, a Master of Public Administration, and has frequently appeared on national TV and radio networks including: Fox News, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, and The Blaze.